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Part 1) For this image I took the girl that is diving and cut her out using the magnetic lasoo. Then I placed her on the edge of the glass of water. I wanted to make it look almost like she was diving into the biggest glass of water on earth.


Part 2) For this image I took the thought of the brand name Apple for an I-Pod and replaced the music player with an actual apple. To do this, I once again used the magnetic lasoo tool to cut around the edges of the apple then dragged it to the picture with the head phones.

Part 3) For this image I took an empty jewelry box and added in a bunch of gem stones and rings to make it look as though someone had taken a picture of a full jewelry box. To do this I cut out the pictures of different stones and rings and dragged them onto the main picture. After every new layer i added, i flattened the image to make it all one.



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